Stirling Airedales

Stirling Airedales in Monson MA. Susan Rodgers and Shirley Good

Stirling's Choice

The Raw Dog Food of Choice

 Stirling's Choice was developed in 1997 by breeders of Airedale Terriers at Stirling Kennels.  Our objective was to maximize the health and longevity of our dogs.  Feeding and caring for champion dogs takes research, knowledge of nutrition, understanding of physiology, love and devotion.  Stirling's Choice raw dog food is based on the  B.A.R.F. diet, which consists of all raw fresh USDA meat, bone and vegetable.

Stirling's Choice raw dog food is made from the following fresh whole foods:

Ground chicken bone; Ideally blended calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, amino acids, protein, fat, fiber, antioxidants, enzymes, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals

Liver: Great source of Enzymes and Vitamins A & D

Green and orange vegetables:  Excellent sources of raw antioxidants

Fruits (in season):  To optimize seasonal freshness

Whole eggs:  Provide multiple micro nutrients

Nutritional supplements, antioxidants and probiotics:  Canine Complete?  from   Wholistic Pet

 All ingredients are mixed, packed in plastic containers and immediately frozen.  Stirling's Choice is ideal for late puppy hood into older age and is a complete food needing no additives.

 Stirling's Choice is further based on inclusion of raw meaty bones ( never feed an animal cooked bones as they can harm the digestive tract ). Raw meaty bones provide an ideal balanced food for all canines and as such are the main ingredient in all Stirling's Choice blends.

Raw meaty bones, chewed vigorously  (which is ideal) or ground and mixed with other raw ingredients, lay down the beginning of good health and a strong immune system.

This beginning provides good oral health, free from gum disease.  Periodontal disease, so common in dog's (often expected) that foul mouth odor has become the norm.  This foul odor is indicative of poor gum health.  Excessive bacteria at the root of teeth, often causing them to loosen.  Without good strong teeth, dogs become unable to eat and digest properly.

Bacteria is of course also present in the blood stream affecting most organ systems.  Pets fed kibble beginning at weaning often succumb to kidney or heart failure by age 5 years.  As most veterinarians do not have adequate nutritional training or their training came from commercial pet food companies, we learn little about this sequence of events from our veterinarians.

Whole ground farm fresh raw eggs provide multiple micro-nutrients so essential to all aspects of a healthy life.