Stirling Airedales

Stirling Airedales in Monson MA. Susan Rodgers and Shirley Good

Our Extended Family.....

 George Officially known as Pebbles Run at FoxHollow Mr Stirling.

 Stirling Sheez Got Charisma
Our little buttercup!

Photo compliments Jo Pemble
Airedale Dana and friend.
They grow up but those faces are never clean!

Liza sailing on Long Island
Sound. Owned by Steve and Mary King.

 Ptysia,on the left,  daughter of Guinness, living in Poland and had just been the
youngest to win the title of Junior Champion at 6.5 months in the minimum 3 months. 
Friend K2 on the right.


Jete', Jo-Anne, and Reika

Airedale Sadie and Best Friend


 "Finian" owned by the Lindsey's  who were vacationing in Maine.
He is 5 1/2 months old.



"Roy"  Ch. Stirling Power And Glory RN (finished with 3 first places)

Stirling Dana owned by Jo Pemble

          "Dana"  "Dana" & "Roy"